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Jun 30

How to Celebrate Fourth of July during a Pandemic.

Posted on June 30, 2020 at 4:03 PM by Crystal Keener

Fourth of July festivities are on their way this weekend and most of us have looked forward to
celebrating with our friends and families for backyard barbecues, beach side fun, and Main
Street parades. Unfortunately, traditions look a little different this year.

Luckily, North Wilkesboro has a day of celebrating our independence planned for you. You
heard it, you do not have to be on the beach to feel like you’re celebrating the Fourth of July

Since the Holiday falls on a Saturday, the Wilkes County Farmers' Market will be open for business from 7:30am-12:00pm. Local vendors are social distancing and following extra safety measures to keep their customers safe.

Enjoy some fresh air as you are shopping locally downtown. A number of downtown businesses will be open to welcome you back, and admire their holiday-themed decor along their storefronts. American flags will be proudly displayed on light posts, with patriotic music filling the streets on 9th and C Streets .

Drive-by the Wilkesboro Avenue Bridge and witness the Town of North Wilkesboro and
Wilkesboro celebrate patriotism and public servants by flying the American flag from our
aerial fire trucks! We are inviting all residents to cruise-by in your cars and salute the flag between the hours of 5-8:00pm . We are calling this experience a ‘miniature reverse parade’ where our trucks are stationary as viewers drive-by.

Conclude your evening with our first VIRTUAL Fourth of July CONCERT at 8:00pm! We are
excited to showcase local artists Will Easter and Alex Key through our Downtown North
Wilkesboro YouTube page (search: Downtown North Wilkesboro). 

Remember it may look a little different, but we hope you find joy in these innovative
social-distancing events (or even a little relaxation of getting your kids out of the house). If
you are attending the farmers market or shopping downtown, please kindly continue to
social distance and wear a mask .

There's still always a way to celebrate and keep special traditions alive. We have had to adjust
our expectations and get creative, because when life gives you lemons—well, you know what
to do with them.

Of course, this particular lemon is big (like, life-altering big)—but that only makes it more
important to find happiness and comfort in small things, like celebrating what you’d normally
be celebrating right now.

Happy Fourth of July!