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Jul 11

Ding, Dong! They are Coming for You…

Posted on July 11, 2020 at 8:57 AM by Crystal Keener

You’re stuck at home now, and there’s nowhere to hide.

You pause your Zoom call, rush to close the blinds, turn off all the lights, crouch down behind the curtains in a panic. 

*DING, DONG!* … they still know you’re there. 

You think this pandemic is scary, that it will never end, but here is something much more relentless… 


Now that I’ve got your attention, here is how to prevent a census collector from knocking on your door. 

  1. Dig that piece of mail out of the trash, fill it out, and send it back. 

But wait, what if you cannot find that piece of mail buried deep down under last night’s leftovers? 

  1. You can fill it out online! 

Yes, it truly is that simple! In just a few, easy, foolproof steps, you can make a difference in your community! By taking five minutes out of your day you can prevent hundreds of thousands of dollars from going to Charlotte or Asheville and help increase funding here to the greatest town on Earth! Help fund our emergency services, housing, school programs, and so much more. AND WAIT, there’s more! 

The census determines the size of our representation in Congress. With your help, North Carolina is likely to gain another seat, which will boost our representation at the national level. 

So please, fill out that dang form already. It really isn’t that scar