Nestled in between the Blue Ridge Mountains and the scenic Yadkin Valley, North Wilkesboro's central location is at the heart of the vibrant Wilkes County countryside. Served by US-421 and four state highways, access to North Wilkesboro from other Winston-Salem and Charlotte communities is quick and easy. This allows employers to draw from a large talent pool and provides direct transportation connections for goods and services. 

Service Providers

The Town of North Wilkesboro is fortunate to have the most dependable and affordable utility providers in the country. The Town of North Wilkesboro Public Services Department (Water/Sewer) and the private providers such as:

  • CenturyLink
  • Spectrum 
  • Duke Energy
  • Frontier Natural Gas
  • Wilkes Telecommunications

These companies continually work with companies to ensure that their operations are efficient and at full capacity. In addition, our local utility providers offer special incentive programs to large consumers of water, electricity, telecommunications, and natural gas.

Water & Wastewater

Water and sewer services are provided by the North Wilkesboro Public Services Department. Please visit the Public Services Department page for more information.

Treatment Plant Statistics

  • Water treatment capacity - 4.2 Million Gallons per Day 
    • Water Usage - 3.2 Million Gallons per Day 
    • Excess Water Capacity of 1.0 Million Gallons per Day 
  • Wastewater treatment capacity - 2.0 Million Gallons per Day 
    • Wastewater usage - 0.736 Million Gallons per Day 
    • Excess Wastewater Capacity of 1.264 Million Gallons per Day 


Electricity in North Wilkesboro is provided by Duke Energy. Duke Energy's utility rates are some of the lowest in the nation: 20% to 30% below the U.S. national average. Please visit Duke Energy's Economic Development page to learn more about their economic development efforts.

Contact Duke Energy at 800-769-3766 or visit the Duke Energy website for more information.

Natural Gas

Natural Gas in North Wilkesboro is provided by Frontier Natural Gas.

Contact Frontier Natural Gas at 336-526-2690 or visit the Frontier Natural Gas website.


Local exchange and high speed internet carriers in North Wilkesboro include CenturyLink and Wilkes Telecommunications.

Cable and Internet

Charter Communications and Wilkes Telecommunications offer North Wilkesboro residents TV, digital phone, and high speed internet.


Yadkin Valley Railroad offers North Wilkesboro businesses rail access to ship their products.

Contact Yadkin Valley Railroad at 865-525-9400, or visit the Yadkin Valley Railroad webpage.