Great ideas were born here. Whether it was the the beginning of stock-car racing and the first NASCAR track, or the founding of Lowe's, North Wilkesboro has made an imprint on our entire Nation and beyond. Today, the brand names that were launched here are enjoyed all over the world.

More importantly, that entrepreneurial spirit is still on display right here is our quaint little mountain town. We are a place where Mom-and-Pop still means something, and new ideas are birthed here each day. It's tasted in our legal distillery that celebrates our pioneering heritage, heard in the coffee shop that anchors our youthful energy, and felt in the adrenaline-fueled sparring in the squared circle.

We are building a hub for the Arts in North Wilkesboro, and our creative spirit is inspired by the mountains that surround us. We are a place where you can quietly reflect to the finest of art in Wilkes Art Gallery, be entertained by the Wilkes Playmakers at historic Benton Hall, or move to the sounds of local musicians performing on the stage at the Market.