New Projects

Smoot Park Revitalization

Park Master Plan

Euclid Avenue Trail 

This recently completed nature trail measures approximately 1900 feet, starting at the end of Euclid Avenue’s paved portion located near the Skyview properties and terminating at the intersection of Euclid Avenue and E Street. Right of way from E Street to the end of Euclid Avenue is already graveled and can be navigated.

Signage and safety bollards at the entrances will be installed by Town crews. The trail construction cost was $25,000.00. Additional site work including storm-water drainage pipes, bollards and signage was installed by Town staff. The Town requested and has been granted  $25,000.00 from the Healthy Wilkes Action Team to fund the construction costs. 

Mission of the trail: The Town of North Wilkesboro and the Health Foundation have identified this proposed trail as one of the many needed greenway connections from our residential areas to our parks and downtown. Although the Town has a robust park system and approximately 4.4 miles of greenway, many residents must drive or traverse busy roads in order to access these community green spaces. Health vulnerable groups (such as the elderly, low-income individuals, and those without vehicles) are especially disadvantaged by lack of access/walkability and face greater challenge utilizing the trail system to live an active lifestyle.

Smoot Park Updated Design

Euclid Trail

919 Main Street Alleyway Improvements

An alleyway that connects the 900 block of Main Street to a public parking lot on the CBD Loop is being revamped. Plans include resetting old pavers, thinning out foliage, installing new benches and two sets of tables and chairs. A power outlet will be added and used for market lighting and public Wi-Fi. Improvements are intended to provide an inviting space with  outdoor dining and seating, and a shady spot to relax and gather with friends. 

919 Main Street Alley

Industrial Park Elevated Water Tank

Construction of an elevated water tank on at the Town's Industrial Park on River Road would support industrial expansion and new development. A Community Block Development Grant (CBDG) grant in the amount of $580,000.00 has been received and will be and added to Golden Leaf funds in the amount of $420,000.00. Additional funds are being sought.  

Mulberry Sewer Extension

Wilkes County, in partnership with the Town of North Wilkesboro, is extending a sewer line along Sparta Road from the Town's wastewater collection system to Mulberry Elementary School. The project is needed because the school's existing on-site septic system is failing. The project is being funded with a $1,151,665 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) that has been awarded to Wilkes County. The County has agreed to serve as the fiscal agent for the project and oversee construction in consultation with North Wilkesboro, with the Town taking ownership of the new line after construction is complete. High Country Council of Governments is providing grant administration services for the project.