Social District

Welcome to the Downtown Social District!

The Town of North Wilkesboro approved creating North Wilkesboro’s Downtown Social District on February 23rd, 2023.

The Downtown Social District is a designated area where patrons can purchase alcoholic beverages from participating establishments and enjoy them while strolling and shopping in Downtown North Wilkesboro. 

North Wilkesboro's Downtown Social District Logo featuring Blue Text and Town Seal Icon

How it Works:

  1. Visit any participating ABC permittee and request a Downtown Social District cup

  2. Purchase your alcoholic beverage in the Downtown Social District cup

  3. Enjoy your beverage while you explore Downtown North Wilkesboro - look for participating businesses to shop with!

  4. Be sure to dispose of your empty cup properly before exiting the Downtown Social District or entering a vehicle


Social District Map 1.17.23.pdf

Enjoy the Downtown Social District Monday through Saturday from 11:00 am to 10:00 pm within the above boundaries. 


Under North Carolina law, alcoholic beverages purchased for consumption in the social district must be consumed in the social district and disposed of before exiting the social district unless entering a participating business within the social district.

Participating and Non-Participating Businesses 

Businesses located within the boundaries of the social district may choose whether to participate in the activities of the social district. Businesses interested in participating (ABC permittees and non-permittees) must indicate their participation status by filling out the appropriate form and displaying the appropriate signage during social district hours. Businesses not wishing to participate in the social district are not required to display signage. 

Business Decal Clings for Social District

Participating Businesses 

ABC Permit-Holder Participants

ABC-permitted establishments must complete a registration form and receive a special Town-issued permit to serve beverages to be consumed within the Downtown Social District. Please fill out the following registration form if you are a permit holder and wish to participate in the social district. Return the completed form by email ( or bring a copy to Town Hall. 

Upon approval, you will receive signage to post on your premises during social district hours to indicate your participation status. The individual business name must be included on the clear beverage cups that follow the container requirements outlined below.

A permittee located in or contiguous to a social district may sell alcoholic beverages for consumption within the social district it is located in or contiguous to in accordance with the following requirements: 

  1. The permittee shall only sell and serve alcoholic beverages on its licensed premises. 
  2. The permittee shall only sell alcoholic beverages for consumption in the social district in a container that meets all of the following requirements:
    1. The container clearly identifies the ABC permittee from which the alcoholic beverage was purchased.
    2. The container clearly displays North Wilkesboro's Downtown Social District logo.
    3. The container is clear.
    4.  The container is not comprised of glass.
    5. The container displays, in no less than 12-point font, the statement, "Drink Responsibly – Be 21."
    6. The container shall not hold more than 16 fluid ounces.

Permitted establishments must provide appropriate containers to patrons as described in the Maintenance Plan. Glass drinkware may not be taken off a permittee’s established premises within the Downtown Social District.

*Below are Adobe Illustrator files for the required container designs. Participating businesses can provide these files to the vendor producing the cups or stickers and enter their business name in the space provided. The statement, "Drink Responsibly - Be 21." must be in 12-point font, minimum. The designs provided at the link below will satisfy this requirement, IF printed as a 3" x 2.5" sticker or design size. 

Social District Cup Design Template  | Additional file types and social district forms can be accessed at this link. 

Support local by purchasing stickers from either of these print shops. Contact them directly to order stickers;they have the design files and are familiar with the container requirements.

Wilkes Custom Printing - 336-990-9061; can print stickers within 24 hours of ordering. 

Wilkes Print & Ship - 336-844-4853 

Non-Permit Holder Participants

Non-permitted businesses (retailers, service providers, etc.) can opt in or out of the downtown social district by filling out this form. Businesses that have not indicated their participation will be opted out by default until indicated otherwise. Non-permitted businesses can receive signage from Town Hall upon completing the form linked above. 

Enforcement and Reporting

Town of North Wilkesboro Police Officers will enforce the requirements of the North Wilkesboro Social District.

To report potential violations, please call North Wilkesboro Police Department at 336-838-3158 or the N.C. Alcohol Law Enforcement Division (1-877-ALE-AGENT).

Management and Maintenance Plan