Board of Adjustment

The Board of Adjustment is seeking a qualified candidate to fill an ETJ member position.  The candidate shall live within the Town's ETJ.  Please contact the Planning Director Meredith Detsch to apply Email.  The County Board of Commissioners will be the governing body to appoint the position.  

Board Application

Board of Adjustment's Responsibilities 

The Board of Adjustment hears Quasi-judicial decisions including:

  • To hear and decide appeals of the Zoning Ordinance if there is any error, decision, determination, or interpretation made by the Planning Director, Building Inspector, or Zoning Administrator in the administration and enforcement of it.
  • To grant variance from the terms of the Zoning Ordinance according to the standards and procedures set by the state
  • To grant conditional use permits

Whats Quasi-Judicial?

A quasi-judicial hearing very similar to a court hearing.  All testimony must be sworn and in person before the board.  Comments called in and letters or written statements such as petitions cannot be entered into the record.  Having first hand testimony allows for cross examination of all witnesses by the Board and others in attendance.  Testimony offered on the case should be from direct personal or professional knowledge and focused on the ordinance specific considerations.   All decisions of the Board of Adjustment are subject to appeal to Superior Court within 30 days after the aggrieved party receives the Board’s written decision.  

Board of Adjustment Members:

In Town Members

  • Lisa Casey, Chair
  • Freida Matthews, Vice-Chair
  • Monica Hawn

ETJ Members

  • Mike Staley
  • Vacant 

Alternate Members

  • Martha Nichols
  • Otis Church

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