Leaf and Brush Collection

Leaves are collected by sweeper truck October through December. Residents should place leaves, small sticks and brush on or by the curb, not in the street. Any brush or limbs longer than 6 feet cannot be collected. Issues with collection during Fall should be directed to Street Dept. Supervisor, Mike Shew at 336-466-5263.

January through September, Leaves and small brush should be bagged and left on curb for pick-up. Residents are asked to bag small amounts of remaining leaves for ease of collection using regular refuse trucks. If you have a large pile of leaves or brush that needs collecting, call Steve Shumate at 336-466-5260 and arrange curbside pickup.

Residents using a private contractor for trimming trees and bushes should have that contractor remove brush. 

  1. Steve Shumate

    Sanitation Department Head