About North Wilkesboro

Welcome  to  North   Wilkesboro,  North  Carolina. Located  in   the  foothills  of  the  Blue   Ridge  Mountains,  North   Wilkesboro  was  founded   when  Norfolk  Southern   built  its  terminus   railroad  depot  near   the  banks  of   the  Yadkin River.   The  depot  still   stands  in  the   heart  of  downtown,   and  we  have   been  the  Key   City  to  Western   North Carolina  since   our  town  started   in  1891.

Our  history  is   remarkably  unique  when   compared  to  other   towns  in  the   foothills  of  Western   NC.  Textiles  and   furniture  factories  fueled   our  early  growth,   while  bootlegging  laid   the  groundwork  for   the  start  of   modern  day racing.   That  industrious  heritage   is  the  foundation   of  the  values   we  still  hold   today  -we  are   hardworking, fiercely  independent,   and  our  focus   on  family,  faith,   and  resourcefulness  binds   us  together.

Great  ideas  were   born  here.  Whether   it  was  the   beginning  of  stock-car   racing  and  the   first  NASCAR  track,   or the  founding   of  Lowe’s,  North   Wilkesboro  has  made   an  imprint  on   our  entire  Nation   and  beyond.  Today,   the brand  names   that  were  launched   here  are  enjoyed   all  over  the   world.

More   importantly,  that  entrepreneurial  spirit   is  still  on   display  right  here   is  our  quaint   little  mountain  town.   We are  a   place  where  “Mom   &  Pop’s”  still   means  something,  and   new  ideas  are   birthed  here  each   day.  It’s tasted   in  our  legal   distillery  that  celebrates   our  pioneering  heritage,   heard  in  the   coffee  shop  that   anchors  our youthful   energy,  and  felt   in  the  adrenaline-fueled  sparring   in  the  squared   circle.

We  are  building   a  hub  for   the  Arts  in   North  Wilkesboro,  and   our  creative  spirit   is  inspired  by   the  mountains that   surround  us.  We   are  a  place  where  you   can  quietly  reflect   on the  finest  of   art  in  Wilkes   Art  Gallery,  be   entertained  by  the   Wilkes  Playmakers  at   historic  Benton  Hall,   or  move  to   the  sounds  of   local  musicians performing   on  the  stage   at  the  Market.

One  constant  in   North  Wilkesboro  has   always  been  our   relationship  to  nature,   and  to  our   Two  Rivers.  The   rivers  are  part   of  who  we  are,  they   unite  us,  bring   us  together,  inspire   our  creativity,  and   energize  us.  They   are  the  foundation   of  the  unrivaled   Great  Outdoor  offerings   that  are  enjoyed   by  visitors  and  locals  alike.   Whether  it’s a young  person   who  checks  out   a  pole  at   our  Library  to   fish  right  in   our  downtown,  or   a  world-class  mountain   biker  who  wants   to  be  challenged   by  the  best   trails  in  the   Nation,  our  town   can  be  the   start of  that   next  adventure.

All  of  this   provides  a  quality   of  life  and   diversity  of  experience   for  everyone.  We   have  a  laid-back   rural lifestyle  where   we  are  closely   connected  by  our   heritage,  love  of   the  outdoors,  creative   energy,  and  ingenuity. We   have  that “cool  factor” - a  place   where  you  can “start   your  engines”  or“ start   you  dreams”.  We  are  a   gathering  place,  where   people  are  drawn   to  our  community   to  experience  life,   and  start  their   next  chapter. Welcome  to   North  WIlkesboro….